Welcome to the beautiful world of Paul LeJoy. Life is full of its challenges but LeJoy truly believes that we can live it to the fullest, just like Jesus promises in John chapter 10 verse 10. On the links on this this site, you'll find everything you need to know about Paul LeJoy.  A prolific writer, LeJoy has penned and published several books and articles, all of which can be read at this site. LeJoy also has a burning passion for music and business. Overall, he delights in bringing joy to people everywhere, across the globe.

Who Is Paul LeJoy? 
       a.k.a. Paul Ekane, Paul LeJoy burns with passion. Passion to change the world around him. LeJoy's sole purpose in life is to Bring Joy to People. He's a prolific writer, an astute businessman, a fun-to-be-with entertainer, a God-fearing person and a give-it-all-away philanthropist
What Does Paul LeJoy Do?
LeJoy is an author, actor, composer, musician, singer, real estate agent/investor, technologist, business owner:                                                 Check out his business websites:                                 http://lejoyrealty.com; http://smartbrain.us; http://lejoyinvestments.com
He brings joy to people through genuine Friendship, Music, Books, EntrepreneurshipWhatever Makes People Happy  & Life Worth Living
How Does He Do It?
  LeJoy writes books, composes and plays music as well as sing & dance, he hosts people at his home, gives motivational speeches, partners with movers and shakers in the business world and entertains people with pure music and clean comedy
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